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Iotti Gatto

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I'm lotti.

I live in Italy, in Genova. I'm in love with photography since I was young, when I had time for my darkroom. Now I work with a digital camera and sometimes with phone, and my favourite is always b/w.

my ig account is instagram.com/lotti__________/. I started it three years ago with the intention to make public my photo, I loved the idea that everybody could see them, simply this, and perhaps someone could give me his like. now I have a lot of followers ,and I'm very proud of this, my photos talk to people in a direct way.

I love working with dypthics, I believe it is a perfect way to make more clear the feeling I want to share with a photo. It is not about telling a story, it is more something about my soul and my mind.

Contact: lotti__________
Iotti on LiterNet: liternet.ro/autor/5526/Iotti-Gatto.html
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