Cornel Lazia, born 1971, is a commercial photographer currently based in Bucharest.

Shortly after he joined the film school in Bucharest he started shooting short feature films. Phoenix and Mimi are two of his films that would set the tone of his later works.

In the years to come Cornel started photographing the emerging music scene of Bucharest.

His work was widely used in everything from CD covers to magazine editorials, and some of the first music videos to surface on the newly created music market.

A lot of Cornel's contemplative side can be seen in his fashion work: portraits, model books, and fashion editorials in various glossy magazines like Elle, BeauMonde, Tabu, Cosmopolitan, and One. Sought after for his precise lighting techniques and his clean and spontaneous style his advertising work includes a wide range of subjects and clients.

Cornel enjoys capturing snapshots of everything that challenges the ideas of modern. When he is not out shooting he enjoys his complex social life.

contact @kornel27
Cornel on LiterNet: liternet.ro/autor/3182/Cornel-Lazia.html

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