Stellar year 20194. The on-board lights blink soothingly. Numbers are crowding in the green spot on the screens. Neo is calm, meaning the pregnancy is going well. The nanobots adjust the parameters of the symbiote planted 255 days ago. I think fondly of the spaceship that will soon become a mother. The spaceship answers my thoughts, warming the seat armrests. A child-spaceship, neuronally wired, will come to be in the cosmic void and will spend its next years in the ship nursery in Venus' orbit. I disconnect myself from the cloud. Goodbye, Neo.

(Translated by Diana Pașcanu / University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I / Corrected by Silvia Petrescu, coordinator of the translations)

Real Fiction is a collective project started in 2013 by Florin Piersic Jr. The concept of Real Fiction continued to exist as a Facebook group, after a volume of stories was published at Humanitas Publishing House. (In April 2022, the group has 8,175 members.) The authors write ultra-short stories, with the texts limited to 500 characters (in Romanian, so the length of the English translation might be a little different) - a flash-fiction exercise on a topic that changes every few days. The group's coordinators are Florin Piersic Jr., Gabriel Molnar, Răzvan Penescu, and Luchian Abel. (Drawing by Adrian T. Roman)

Versiunea în română a acestui text se poate citi aici, în rubrica Ficțiuni Reale.

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