when I find myself in the midst of the storm, I climb the waves' backs and start towards you or when, wound in white cloth, bathed in tears and anointed with myrrh, hidden in a rock's womb, I wait for Sunday's dawn, so that you may come and command me to come out. When I demolish temples outside and rebuild them in my heart or when I fall crushed to your feet, in the olive garden, and I tell you to take this cup away from me for I wish not to drink it. Raise me in your arms and tell me I am alike you.

(Translated by Alin-Marian Mărgescu / University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I / Corrected by Silvia Petrescu, coordinator of the translations)

Real Fiction is a collective project started in 2013 by Florin Piersic Jr. The concept of Real Fiction continued to exist as a Facebook group, after a volume of stories was published at Humanitas Publishing House. (In July 2022, the group has 8,750 members.) The authors write ultra-short stories, with the texts limited to 500 characters (in Romanian, so the length of the English translation might be a little different) - a flash-fiction exercise on a topic that changes almost daily. The group's coordinators are Florin Piersic Jr., Gabriel Molnar, Răzvan Penescu, and Luchian Abel. (Drawing by Adrian T. Roman)

Versiunea în română a acestui text se poate citi aici, în rubrica Ficțiuni Reale.

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