When Jack found her, she was just lying hunched wearily in a chair in front of the stove in the castle kitchen. Food boilers were boiling, countless trays were baking in ovens. When he saw the intruder on the doorstep, immense joy flooded the girl's face. Finally, her savior came. She snatched the cutter from the table and threw it with a precise motion, right in Jack's forehead. Every time an earthling climbed the beanstalk, the time of love came. The pané brain of a mortal was like viagra for an ogre.

(Translated by Carla-Marina Ştefănescu / University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MTTLC, year I / Corrected by Silvia Petrescu, coordinator of the translations)

Real Fiction is a collective project started in 2013 by Florin Piersic Jr. The concept of Real Fiction continued to exist as a Facebook group, after a volume of stories was published at Humanitas Publishing House. (In April 2021, the group has 5.600 members.) The authors write ultra-short stories, with the texts limited to 500 characters (in Romanian, so the length of the English translation might be a little different) - a flash-fiction exercise on a topic that changes almost daily. The group's coordinators are Florin Piersic Jr., Gabriel Molnar, Răzvan Penescu, and Luchian Abel. (Drawing by Adrian T. Roman)

Versiunea în română a acestui text se poate citi aici, în rubrica Ficţiuni Reale.

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