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nu mai am timp să scriu, sunt bagajele făcute şi în timpul zilei de azi (nopţii de acasă) plec. Aşa că am rugat-o pe Wangmin să scrie ea articolul de încheiere. Iar pentru final, am ales şi o mulţime de poze de la ceremonia de închidere a JO.

Să auzim numai de bine!


The 29th Olympic Games closed victoriously on August 24. About the influence of OG to China, I want to discuss from following several aspects:

1. OG has brought a new "Nationwide Fitness Campaign" upsurge in China. From 1999 we began bid for the OG to 2008, the thoughts of Chinese people has changed from "everyone looking forward to OG" to "everyone is host, all people support OG".
Observationally by myself, I found many many people like wear sports suit, whether on street or in the airport or other spaces. And, people began to like doing sports more than before, because they found the fascination of sports from OG.
2. OG makes Chinese high on pro-environments. Since China promised "the Green OG", we must respect our word. Maybe people aim to obey the call of government, but when they recognized the importance of pro-environment, the action changed to conscious effort.
3. OG makes the world aware about China. Before OG, many people who never come to China thought China is poor, savage and despotic, because their impression was based on some designing words of few media. But this time, many people came to China, they see China by themselves. And many people feel China by OG from TV.
I watch TV everyday and pay close attention to foreigners including reporters, athletes, couches, officers, travellers and others. I found they have a high opinion of OG and Chinese people and Beijing.
4. OG makes Chinese to have a strong sense of unity and friendship. As is known to everyone, China encountered many disasters in 2008, earthquake, snow storms, conflict of Tibet... when earthquake happened, many people including many Chinese people thought the 29th OG maybe would not be hold success so smoothly. But after that, people found all Chinese so united never before. Many many volunteers from different places in China went to Sichuan to help. After that, all people united to welcome OG, to support OG. Accompany with Chinese athletes that had great achievements, Chinese join forces unprecedented. But also I have a little worry, that is how long this join forces sustain? Because from the history of China, Chinese people never fear difficulty, but when difficulty went, if we can grab the chance perfectly, and make it more strengthen. I think Chinese people need to do many efforts.
5. As regards to the economy effect, I don't think OG would influence China so much as some people expect, right now at least. Maybe, it will bring more foreigners to come to China, to promote "tourist industry".

All thoughts from above are my opinions. What is the reality, we will see in the future.

(Wangmin, 25th August, 2008
Zhangzhou Normal University - China

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