November has become a permanence in Romania. It is gray and cold. It penetrates your bones and soul, it blurs your eyes and brain, it totally envelops and steals you away. The dense fogg, the rain, the snowfall are very generous, they have the ability to cover the urban ugliness, to spread out the silence and to let the viewer (photographer) to discover: a silhouette of an old man, a look, a smile, a grimace, a coloured umbrella and even a little light. I look a lot, I wait more than a lot, then I come close and try to see with my soul beyond the fluid or frozen water drops.

The human being is constant in his nothingness, in his ephemeral existence. Everything is old and well-known. Even so, Today with its agitation and noise, has to be immortalized. Photography is the only one capable to catch in one millisecond a whole life or a mood which never will come back again. Photography has to witness the day "Today" and this way, it always has to have a document value.

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