Versiune în limba română aici.

2023 was tonic. Or like tonic. Sober and refreshing. Sometimes even sparkling. Soberly steady, disciplined and planned. This is how sparkles were possible! Portioned in merely 4 shots, it started with cold.

Q1. Cold as a bottle of tonic taken out from the fridge. A bit even too cold to drink it, just sipping it while writing sometimes to Matca Literară, and to Today Software Magazine. One literary genre, and the second, a very curious IT oriented one. Recommending so much both. TSM, so curious, so fun! Accepted to publish not only human resources related content but so many collateral contents too! Let me recommend you a wonderful book recension: TSM - Recenzie - The Creative Act: A Way of Being (todaysoftmag.ro). And one more article, about wellbeing.

Q2. The second quarter of the year started with a very drinkable temperature tonic. Need it at a Macanache Concert. I have such a sweet tooth for Maca! By the way, missed Marc Rebillet in Europe in 2023 but he is coming to Electric Castle in 2024! Remember the: ESSENTIAL WORKERS ANTHEM - EXTENDED VERSION - MARC REBILLET (youtube.com)? Speaking of Cluj, the fantastic journey along with Babes-Bolyai continued, meeting fantastic students curious about human resources management.

Q3. In summer I've added some ice to my tonic and sold my car. I've started to realize since quite a time that I don't use it that much. Tested for a while life without car. After a while, testing so much public transportation, including some last year in London, Athens, Göteborg, Stockholm, Vienna, Budapest and more I have simply realized that it is possible in Bucharest too. I know, I am late bloomer, and I know, sometimes car is a necessity. Let me rephrase I was able to afford to live without. I still love cars, driving, Formula 1, and looking forward to a growing market of car sharing! And last year's summer was equal with Enescu Festival. No need to be a melomaniac as per definition, manifesting an inordinate liking for music or melody, an excessive or abnormal attraction to music. This festival, music, sound, and please, add, is pure magic.

Q4. My tonic got to its final quarter in fall. Not that sparkled, neither that fresh but still tasty. All year along a fantastic company (still pinching myself), composed by so many fantastic colleagues. Kept discovering the beauty of my friends, that sometimes I might have forgotten. But was so sweet to rediscover when meeting on perfectly normal Sundays, at a cinema or in a one-day crazy travel.

This year sport-ship and sober-ship continues, with discipline and focus on my PhD. Interested about? The aim of the research is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that demographic shifts present to HR departments.

The kids are fine. With their heads and hearts in their right places.

So many types of tonics I've discovered in 2023. Some so surprised me. With taste and sparkle. Cold and sweet. Fresh and sober. With limes and lemons. And ice. Cheers!

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